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 According to HS&E, within the UK there are 80,000 construction workers who suffer from work-related bad health each year and 64,000 who suffer non-fatal injuries.

 We are proud to say that we have managed 4 years without a reportable HS&E incident. This is down to the mandatory attitude of all our staff, and the relentlessness of our training sector. Be it through our site managers actively seeking out the smallest risk to help improve RAMS, or our operative feedback programme, you can rest assured we work with every single persons safety being of the highest priority.

Before every task, our personnel carry out THINK WEST:

W : Wait & Think - Have you thought about your plan of action?

E : Effect & Equipment - Is what your about to do going to

      effect others? Do you have all required equipment and


S : Safe or STOP - Is it safe to go ahead? If no, STOP.

T : Think & Time - Actively thinking, its time.